Apple Walnut Bundt Cake w/Butterscotch Icing


Apple Walnut Bundt Cake w/Butterscotch Icing


This moist and delicious Apple Walnut Cake is a perfect fall flavor – loaded with apples and cinnamon-ny goodness. This cake is perfect as a coffee companion, tea time serving or as a dessert.

Please order with minimum 3 day notice. Please provide contact phone number so we can arrange pickup/delivery.

Made with pure all natural ingredients, absolutely no preservatives! Cakes are made fresh within 24 hours of pickup/delivery to ensure the freshest product possible.

I work out of my facility in Shrewsbury, PA, which is licensed, certified and inspected by the Commonwealth of PA Department of Agriculture – Food Safety Services.

I take the utmost care and joy in making treats for you and your loved ones!  Please ask any questions you may have!  Thank you for reading!