Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes


Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes


Delicious and Decadent! The Boston Cream Pie cupcake begins as a moist white cupcake filled with homemade pastry creme and topped with chocolate ganache icing. Pure Indulgence.

Please be sure to include contact info so we can arrange delivery or pickup.  Use “pickup” coupon code and select “free shipping” at checkout.

Made with pure all natural ingredients, absolutely no preservatives! Cupcakes are made fresh within 24 hours of pickup/delivery to ensure the freshest product possible. Price is for one dozen delicious cupcakes.

I work out of my facility in Shrewsbury, PA, which is licensed, certified and inspected by the Commonwealth of PA Department of Agriculture – Food Safety Services.

I take the utmost care and joy in making treats for you and your loved ones! Please ask any questions you may have! Thank you for reading!