Pumpkin Pie Spiced Caramels


Pumpkin Pie Spiced Caramels


Scrumptious Pumpkin spice caramel. Buttery , smooth and creamy caramel spiced perfectly with a delicious pumpkin pie flavor. Soft and chewy. There is nothing like a homemade caramel! Listing is for a pound of caramels, about 30 one inch pieces individually wrapped in wax paper. Perfect for filling a candy bowl at home, or my favorite way is to have a few in my purse for outings with the kids when they need a quick snack. We also love to take a few on hikes, pumpkin and caramel on a fall hike is perfect!

I work out of my facility in Shrewsbury, PA, which is licensed, certified and inspected by the commonwealth of PA Department of Agriculture Food Safety Services.

I take the utmost care and joy in making treats for you and your loved ones! Please ask any questions you may have! Thank you for reading!